Life After 50

Life after 50. What does that mean you ask?

It means living more and doing more. It means spending more time with family and friends. It means not worrying about what people think.

It also means retirement is getting closer and for many that can cause some anxiety. I would be lying if I said I’m not worried about making ends meet later in life.

As our population ages the security of government and employee pensions are dwindling, leaving us with no guarantees. That alone is causing a lot of people my age stress.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you have enough of a cushion to be able to enjoy your golden years without worrying about how your bills will be paid.

I’m not here to give financial advice, tell you where to invest or to tell you it’s time to get another job. What I am here for is to show you it’s possible to earn a few extra dollars each month by doing what you enjoy.

I have always had a little side hustle in one form or another, and they have earned me some extra cash whenever I needed it. Right now I have my published novellas earning me a little each month, plus an Etsy Shop (NotJustAlpacaDesigns) where I sell patterns, and a second Etsy Shop (TOLA50Printables) where I sell planners and other printables.

In 2019 I was given a little extra boost and decided to invest in myself. I took some courses, joined the Alberta Writers Guild and made a solo trip to a huge writer’s event.

The focus in my courses has been fiction, but I’ve also dabbled in a fair amount of nonfiction over the years. I like the variety it offers and gives me the opportunity to express myself through words, all the while solving problems others may be having.

My previous job as a part-time library assistant provided me with a steady income and the time to pursue other ventures as well. Now that life has taken a drastic turn (see my post from May 2020) I’m having to learn how to live alone again. As I navigate my way through the days and nights I take any opportunity to learn, improve my financial situation, and just live.

I learned tomorrow is never promised so I now live for today; with the money from my side hustles working for me.

Mission Statement

To show you it’s okay to have more than one interest; more than one passion. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

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