Creating and Selling Nonfiction

A 12-Module Course to take you from idea to published book.

Have you been wanting to write a nonfiction book but aren’t sure where to start?

Whether you’re writing a how-to article or a book, the steps are the same. There’s an introduction, the middle, and the end that wraps it all up.

This 12-Module Course takes you from finding your niche to publishing your project and beyond. You’ll learn how to:

  • decide on a niche
  • gather your information
  • put it all together
  • edit and find beta readers
  • fund your project
  • market your project
  • plan for your future as an author
  • choose the best publishing option for you
  • …and more!

This 68 page printable workbook has plenty of space to take you from start to finish. Download and print, then work through the modules one by one. By the time you get to the end you’ll have a rough draft, (if not finished manuscript), of your very own take on a subject you’re a pro at.

Work through the steps in this course and become a published author.

Grab your copy of Creating and Selling Nonfiction: A 12-Module Course to Help You Become a Published Author today for only $19.00!

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