My Books

Over the years I have written several books, both fiction and nonfiction. This page is to showcase my work as an independent author. It includes my Amazon links and links to purchase on my website. Plus, I can be found at other online book retailers as well. Simply search by my name.

Note: Not all of the books I have available online are listed here. This is just a few to show what I can do. Your support is appreciated whether you share, buy or just browse. Thank you!

The Pipestone Creek Romance Series

Nonfiction Titles

I contributed to the writing of this book, but do not receive any royalties from it. It is my contribution to help inform new authors about their options outside of traditional publishers. I do hope you’ll find the advice within the pages useful as you start your journey as an author.

This has been one of my best sellers across a number of platforms. Pumpkin the Cat (RIP), pumpkin alpaca yarn and of course, pumpkins from my garden.

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