Bee Grateful Digital Journal

Bee Grateful for the little things in life.

This Gratitude Journal has over 140 pages to express your gratitude. Each page has space for 3 days’ worth of gratitude, which you can fill in. Each month has one or more extra spots, which you can use for extra notes or whatever you like. Even doodle if you so desire. Plus there are 16 pages of note paper at the back of the journal. (This section can be easily accessed via the index page).

The cute bee clipart and bright colours are sure to brighten your day. And no matter how rough a day it has been, find something good about it. By practicing gratitude daily you’ll find more good than bad as the weeks and months go on.

This journal is designed to be as-is, so you can enjoy the busy little bees as you write down the good things. You can even colour the bees, flowers, hives, and honeycomb if you wish.

Each month is hyperlinked from the tabs along the sides and the index page. This will allow for quick navigation to the month you need and to the note sheets at the back. GoodNotes has an assortment of pages that can be inserted if you need extra writing room.

This is designed to work with GoodNotes, Notability, and other note-taking apps. Use your favourite digital stickers or the 30 bees and sayings that come with this journal.

The ZIP file includes the PNG stickers, a PDF of the journal in plain paper, and a PDF of the journal with textured paper.

As this is a digital download, no refunds will be given. However, if you have any problems with the download please reach out.

Author: Diane Ziomek

I am a mom, grandma, independent author/publisher, freelance writer, fiber artist, and information product creator. I like to share what I have learned with others over the years, in hopes of making their lives easier and more lucrative. My published works can be found on most ebook platforms, as well as on my website. I also have two just-for-fun websites: one about gardening where I share information about plants, how-to's, and gardening in a cold climate, and the other to document my journey to a healthier me by practicing yoga and low-impact exercise.