Growth Never Stops, No Matter How Old You Are.

Hi! I know, I know…it’s been weeks since I’ve written anything. I haven’t forgotten about you wonderful readers; I just didn’t know where I was going so wanted to figure that out first.

And when I say going, I don’t mean moving. I’m quite content with my house and now that spring is here, I see I have a mountain of yardwork to do. And all of our snow hasn’t melted yet.

Don’t feel bad though, because all of my blogs and websites suffered the same fate. I was equally slacking on all fronts when it came to posting.

Sometimes we just need that away time to get our head out of our ass and really figure out what to do with life. I guess we never do get it figured out completely because there’s always a little hiccup here and there. It’s those hiccups that make us think though; at least for me it is.

Winter tends to take its toll on me some years, and this one has been no different. I always have big plans of having walking trails, going outside more, and not letting the dreary days get to me. And then the wind blows, the snow drifts cover my trails, and I decide staying inside is so much better. And yes, I have become quite accustomed to staying inside when it’s minus 40 out.

My boyfriend and I did get away for a couple of days in early March. We stayed at West Edmonton Mall, and took in some shopping, some waterpark time, and a round of mini golf. There is so much to see and do there, a couple of days just isn’t quite enough time.

It was that trip that sparked a whole new hobby for me; one that I’m going to be gradually turning into a side hustle. We were walking by a framing shop when a painting caught my eye, and well, let’s just say I was hooked. That painting almost came home with me; but I just couldn’t justify the price tag on it. I recently spent less than that on a 6 piece sectional for my living room.

I can only dream of being as good as the artist that did the painting I want, but it gives me a goal to work toward. And who knows: that painting may work its way into my home yet.

I have purchased books, paints, canvases, easels, brushes, and palettes; watched YouTube videos; and painted some smaller scenic pictures. The 4″ X 4″ canvas was painted black only because I had some black paint left from another painting. It stayed that way for over a week, then one day I decided to add a few grey and white brushstrokes to it. I had considered adding some colourful blossoms, but decided against it. What I’m left with is, if I do say so myself, strikingly simple.

That little painting has become part of my logo for my DLZArtworkandMore Etsy Shop (formerly TOLA50Printables). So yes, I have changed the name of my shop; but that was better than starting another. The printable and digital products will still be available, but I will now also be shipping physical products. I have the resources and equipment to create physical products, so I have decided to branch out a little.

New logo for my revamped Etsy Shop.

My other Etsy Shop, NotJustalpacaDesigns, will be closed on April 30, 2023. If you’re interested in getting any of my crochet patterns, books, or my writing course, now is the time to do it. The entire shop is 60% off until April 30. It has been a wonderful shop, and has given me a good run; but now it’s time to shut it down.

The winter has also had me out on a snowmobile, with our St. Patrick’s Day trip getting cut short not long after it started. My inexperience resulted in a textbook launch over a grader ridge, and apparently a perfect landing. All was good until impact and my face hit the handlebars, resulting in losing my helmet. It was a freak thing, because the helmet nicely positioned itself on the dash as soon as it left my head, and the glasses I was wearing under the goggles cut into my forehead. That in turn resulted in a trip to the ER to get my forehead taped back together.

We are thankful for a helpful neighbour, who drove me back to my boyfriend’s place then took him to retrieve the other snowmobile. It’s amazing how deep the nose piece on a pair of glasses can really cut, even though a person doesn’t really have much for tissue on the forehead. Needless to say, I decided then and there I was done with snowmobiling for the season.

All is well, and the cut has now become a scar that makes me look like I have a permanent scowl (not just when I am scowling…lol). I’m none the worse for wear, didn’t suffer a concussion, and learned that anticipated impact is always harder than one thinks.

On March 25th we celebrated my granddaughter’s first birthday. My daughter made her a smash cake, and that little girl had icing and cake everywhere. It was so much fun to watch her taste the icing for the first time, then eventually pick up the cake. When it came apart she had a piece in each hand, and wasn’t sure which to take a bite of first. It’s the moments like that we need to make time for, because we’ll never get them back.

I know I have rambled a little more than I had planned, but I tend to do that on occasion. Plus you’re now aware of the few little changes that will be taking place over the next while. This blog will stay, and my yoga journey (which went wayside) will resume; but will be a part of this site as soon as I can figure out how to move it all over.

And as much as I wanted to publishing venture to work, I realized my heart just isn’t in it. It might be more of a behind-the-scenes thing when I publish my own books, but the website will be deleted. I found I was spreading myself too thin, and something has to go.

I’ll be modifying past blog posts, adjusting some of the links in the sidebar (or removing them entirely), and creating new products of my Etsy Shop. These little things will take some time to get done, but working toward a simpler system has given me peace of mind. It has also relieved some of the stress I was feeling because I was trying to do it all.

Thanks for sticking with me, and I look forward to getting back on track here. Have a wonderful week, and may your spring bring joy, fresh air, and beautiful gardens.

Save Time by Buying Designs with a Commercial Rights License

I honestly don’t know where the time goes. Why is it that the older we get the faster time seems to fly? I wish Social Studies class would have gone by as fast back in high school.

I’ve been working on adding items to my Etsy Shop, with the latest being a set of colouring pages for Valentine’s Day. What makes the colouring pages fun is picking and choosing clip art I downloaded from Creative Fabrica, and using Affinity Designer to arrange it. No matter how many people have downloaded the clip art bundle I did, no two projects will be the same. That’s the beauty of mixing and matching.

Creating your own products for your digital store is much simpler when you’re able to get graphics and clip art with commercial rights licensing. Plus you can also use the designs on physical products. So far I have only used a fraction of what I downloaded for digital products, but I also intend to create a few products for my Zazzle Shop.

Disclaimer: Links within this post are either to my own products, or products I endorse. I may receive a small commission should you make a purchase through an affiliate link, at no extra cost to you. My blog is supported through commissions and sales of my products. Plus, if you like what you read you can show your support by pinning this post, sharing on social media, or buy me a coffee.  Thank you for your continued support.

And let’s face it, some of us just can’t draw worth a crap. I have tried time and again to draw something more than a simple flower, but I just did not inherit my mom’s artistic talent. Thankfully I did inherit a love of writing from her though.

By investing a few dollars in designs with commercial licensing you can save time and get your products into your Etsy Shop or website sooner. I use a few resources when it comes to creating my own products, and I do have to say it has been a good thing. Yes, I’ve spent some money along the way but I’ve also created products I wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you’re new to creating printables, check out the Printables by Number link over on my Tools & Resources page. I have learned so much from John & Suzi. Plus they keep updating their courses as they learn new strategies, shortcuts, and ways of doing things. My favourite part about what they sell and teach is they created the tools for themselves first.

The image above is one of the colouring pages I added to my Etsy Shop earlier today. It’s part of the 5-page PDF, and it’s ideal for kids or adults to colour. The images are taken from a few different files and arranged to make this cute colouring page.

I bought the annual membership for Creative Fabrica which gives me access to tens of thousands of designs. If you’re not into designing colouring pages, there are also KDP Ready files available for low-content books. I have taken pages from a few to make my own printable and digital planners, but the files are available to use as-is.

And while we’re on the topic of commercial use files, I have a few sets of digital paper with commercial use rights over on Gumroad. Unlike a lot of other platforms, I’m limiting downloads of these packages to 100 worldwide.

They were created using Affinity and other software I invested in. There has been a learning curve, as there is with everything new. If you’re a planner or journal creator, these are great used as backgrounds and covers. And if you have a Zazzle Store you can use the designs on mugs, playing cards, blankets, tote bags, etc. There are so many options.

Have you bought designs with commercial use rights? Or do you sell your creations on platforms such as Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, or Gumroad? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to Spread Your Digital Wings for More Earning Potential

Designing products is so much fun!

Now that the community history book project is on its way to the publisher I can once again concentrate on my own work. Had I known it was going to be so time consuming I never would have agreed to being a part of it in the first place. But for what it’s worth, it was a learning experience for me.

I invested in another program that makes repeat patterns from a simple design or graphic. I really like the look of the black and white made from a simple mandala. I think it’s so neat that I added a mug to my Zazzle store. I can honestly say, there isn’t a mug exactly like this one anywhere.

Disclaimer: Links within this post are either to my own products, or products I endorse. I may receive a small commission should you make a purchase through an affiliate link, at no extra cost to you. My blog is supported through commissions and sales of my products. Plus, if you like what you read you can show your support by pinning this post, sharing on social media, or buy me a coffee.  Thank you for your continued support.

I am a firm believer we should all have eggs in a few baskets. There’s no guarantee that one source of income will always be there. Life happens, online platforms change their policies, and businesses close. And sometimes, those we rely on are suddenly no longer with us.

As you know (especially if you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning) I have a few things on the go at any given time. I can honestly say none of them have made me millions yet, but what I do earn helps pay my bills each month.

5 ways to spread your digital wings.
  1. If you’re a digital product designer, you can sell your designs as printables, or incorporate them on physical products through a POD platform (such as Amazon or Zazzle).
  2. Another way is to create designs and sell them with commercial rights. (I listed my first in my Etsy Shop last night.) This opens up new avenues because you can charge more for your designs. On Creative Market there is an application form you’ll have to fill out to open a shop, but it appears quite simple. I haven’t opened my own shop but continue to buy elements from others. You’ll have options as a seller because you can sell your designs for personal use, commercial use, or extended commercial use. Each level commands more fees, which you set.
  3. Create and sell templates. This is not something I’ve done (yet) but have purchased a few over the years, so I know there’s money to be made. You can sell these with personal or commercial use licenses.
  4. Create low-content books such as journals, planners, notebooks, etc for POD platforms such as Amazon. This is something I’ve mentioned before, and the numbers show some people do really well with it.
  5. Sell PLR which you create. This could be articles, templates, planners, journals, colouring pages, motivational cards, etc. This is especially nice if you enjoy writing but don’t want to submit your articles to different platforms. You do the work and give the buyer the rights to use the materials however they see fit. Oftentimes a limited number of the same package is available, so higher prices can be commanded.
A screenshot of my mug on Zazzle.

As you can see, the digital world offers unlimited potential. As much as I enjoy creating physical products for sale (crocheted items), the digital creations offer much more profit potential. I can create the product once and sell many copies of it. Plus, by uploading my designs to be incorporated into physical products I can increase both my visibility and revenue.

What are your thoughts on creating digital products to be incorporated on tangible items? Let me know in the comments below.

Become an affiliate and earn 50% commissions promoting my digital paper packs (which come with commercial use licenses). For more details please visit

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