About Me

A mother of two, spouse, indie author, freelance writer, part-time library assistant, fiber artist, Etsy Shop owner (NotJustAlpaca) and more. Not to mention being over fifty. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, which is why I have started this site.

I will be sharing bits and pieces of life, favourite recipes, hobbies, books and more. Plus, I am here to help you utilize your passions and interests to earn a little extra cash now and again. Side hustles aren’t just for millenials you know.

Won’t you join me?

Who I Am

  • Mom, first and foremost
  • Freelance Writer
  • Independent Author
  • Library Assistant
  • Fiber Artist
  • Over 50

What I Do

  • Write the newspaper articles for our library and our local history book project
  • Write romance novellas
  • Submit articles online
  • Write for clients

Memberships I Hold

Let’s build something together.