About Me

A mother of two, widow, indie author, freelance writer, fiber artist, Etsy Shop owner (NotJustAlpaca) and more. Not to mention being over fifty. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, which is why I have started this site.

I will be sharing bits and pieces of life, favourite recipes, hobbies, books and more. Plus, I am here to help you utilize your passions and interests to earn a little extra cash now and again. Side hustles aren’t just for millenials you know.

Won’t you join me?

Who I Am

  • Mom, first and foremost
  • Freelance Writer
  • Independent Author
  • Fiber Artist
  • Over 50

What I Do

  • Write romance novellas
  • Submit articles online
  • Write for clients

Memberships I Hold

Let’s build something together.