Why I love living in the country; and 3 things you can do to experience the quiet of country life even if you live in the city.

I am and have always been a country girl; even when I lived in the city in my early 20s. The older I get the more I appreciate the quieter lifestyle living in the country has to offer.

Plus, I get to see some really cool things!

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The country life has been an inspiration for my novels, and it keeps me grounded when life gets a little crazy. And it has definitely been crazy a time or two since my 50th birthday rolled around.

Not everyone can live in the country though; whether it’s by choice or circumstance. You can however, escape the hustle and bustle for even just a little while. And escaping the noise is great for physical and mental health as well.

  1. Take a drive outside of city limits. It’s amazing how much changes as soon as you’re outside the city. The air is clearer, it’s quieter, and you will most likely see some sort of wildlife (other than the city pigeons). And even if you don’t happen to see wildlife, you’re sure to see cows, sheep, horses, or other domesticated animals.
  2. Take a walk in a park. Many urban dwellers rely on public transportation to get around and may not have their own vehicle. If this is your case, hop on the bus to a public park in your city. The sounds of the city will most likely not be completely gone, but the trees and walking trails will bring some tranquility to the moment. Plus the walk along the trails will help you reconnect with your body and nature.
  3. Create your own oasis. If either of the above methods are unavailable to you, you can still tune out the sounds of the city. If you have a back yard you can fill it with trees, shrubs, and flowers to filter out the noise. A tall fence covered in vines is a great filter. Plus it’ll attract birds which will fill your neighbourhood with song. If you are limited to an apartment put on a nature sounds CD (birds, waterfalls, bubbling brooks) and settle into your comfy chair or practice yoga.
My morning visitor.

We all need some quiet time, cleaner air, and space. It’s amazing what a walk in the open air can do, no matter the season.

I’m grateful to have the serenity of country life, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you have a way to enjoy the quiet, no matter where you live?

Author: Diane Ziomek

I am a mom, grandma, independent author/publisher, freelance writer, fiber artist, and information product creator. I like to share what I have learned with others over the years, in hopes of making their lives easier and more lucrative. My published works can be found on most ebook platforms, as well as on my website. I also have two just-for-fun websites: one about gardening where I share information about plants, how-to's, and gardening in a cold climate, and the other to document my journey to a healthier me by practicing yoga and low-impact exercise.

2 thoughts on “Why I love living in the country; and 3 things you can do to experience the quiet of country life even if you live in the city.”

  1. I wish to someday live in a quiet area. As it stands, I get no peace living next to a busy street (and a shopping mall). Is that a moose? I heard they’re dangerous. I’m such a city boy that I’m totally unfamiliar with wildlife, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post, and wishing you more calm living!

    1. Yes Stuart, that is a moose. He was checking out the place until he was scared away by my cat. (Not sure if you watched the video.) Moose can be very dangerous, but usually it’s the females with babies that do the charging. They’re just being protective though. However, I wouldn’t want to meet this guy around some dark corner either.

      I’m going to enjoy my calm living as long as I can. Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Always a nice treat.

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